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The importance of hiring a professional transportation and dismantling company for your industrial machinery purchases

MachinePoint Used Machinery has years of experience in international heavy machinery transport. The movement of industrial machinery at an international level sometimes has a high level of complexity, especially when it comes to large machinery, certain technologies and remote locations.

In addition to arranging transportation, MachinePoint also organizes the disassembly, packaging and loading of the machines it sells. One company managing the entire project has many advantages and it avoids time and cost deviations.

MachinePoint Used Machinery is a leader in the sale of used machinery and has a highly qualified in-house logistics department to offer these services to those customers who, after purchasing one of our machines, want MachinePoint to handle dismantling, packaging, loading and transportation.

When it is a small and simple machine it is feasible that one can manage the load and the transport by himself. Problems usually arise when dealing with large machinery, complex dismantling, very valuable machinery or remote locations.

Quality suppliers can make a huge difference for all the services required to take a machine from a factory and assemble it in another.

Firstly, machines must be dismantled with sufficient care and order to facilitate subsequent assembly. MachinePoint CEO Cesar Rodriguez comments, “After so many years in the industry we have had all kinds of experiences. From companies that cut through an electrical panel with no care making the subsequent assembly impossible, to customers who after turning down transport offer down for a cheaper one, call us in desperate need of help, as their transporter has had an accident, their machine is broken and they have no insurance. We are talking about machines that even when used, imply an important investment for most companies”.

After disassembling, machinery packaging follows. Choosing the correct type of packaging is important. Several factors such as dimensions and weights should be taken into account, but also future transport conditions. Road transport varies greatly from sea transport, whose average duration is 25 days under high salinity conditions which can harm the machinery if not packed correctly. Experience and service quality is imperative. In the case of wooden packaging for example, it must be ensured that it complies with all international wood transport regulations so that the machine is not stopped at the port.

Cesar Rodríguez commented, “Many customers have later regretted not contracting our services. Even when initially our offer is more expensive, it is not expensive if you compare in detail the extra services needed to avoid risks. Choosing a reputable provider to manipulate heavy machinery is key because the risk of losing or severely damaging the equipment is high. “

Once the machine has been packaged, you need to choose a transport company that offers guarantees, has correct insurance policies in order, has the right equipment and follows clear procedures. This will prevent accidents and losses in case of accidents. “Recently a customer who had rejected our transport offer, saw how his transporter came and collected an injection machine with a dumper truck. And how the machine ended up falling off the truck on the freeway. Shameful.”

MachinePoint only works with transport companies specialized in heavy machinery. We have been working together with these companies for years, as a result of a long selection process. They guarantee us flexibility, good service and professionalism. Also guarantee agility of response, very important since it reduces times and costs. Our transport providers advise our in-house logistics team when necessary. They have the trucks and containers needed for special transportation when it comes to extremely large machines that require special containers, such as gondola trucks, mega trucks up to 3 meters high, open tops, etc.

Finally, it is better for a single company to manage everything: disassembly, packaging, loading, fixing, transport and export and reassembly. We are talking about extremely complex machinery and transporting it internationally. You have to get ahead of the problems to avoid them, or have enough experience to optimize the response if you have not been able to avoid the unforeseen. If management is carried out by only one company, this results in better coordination and a faster response capacity, resulting in lower costs and risks.

MachinePoint personnel are physically present when MachinePoint is dismantling, loading, or transporting our machines.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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The importance of hiring a professional transportation and dismantling company for your industrial machinery purchases

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