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How to choose the right machinery brand and model for your project

Illig thermoforming machines

A high percentage of customers that contact MachinePoint request a specific brand and model. These are mainly buyers of used machinery who have been in business for years and have an extensive machinery knowledge; or entrepreneurs who are simply renewing their lines with known brands and models. However, an important percentage of buyers are starting new projects or want to change their usual brand.

The lack of knowledge of the different brands and models can lead to bad investments. Having the right advice can make the difference between a good or bad investment.

When buying machinery you find a variety of models and manufacturers. This offer is even wider in the used machinery market where different models produced in the last 20 years from the same brands coincide. You can find from the oldest and most mechanical models; to the newest with the most advanced technology.

To choose the most suitable machinery for each project, it is necessary to consider the final manufactured product, the destined factory profile, the budget and the present and future production capacity. It is also important to avoid over-dimensioning or erroneously calculating the profitability of the machinery.

MachinePoint’s professionals analyse each client and project to recommend some models and brands over others. This extensive equipment knowledge in the most advanced and oldest models is of high value.

The most advanced technology is not always the best. Product positioning strategy and consumer market expectations should be considered. Most innovative machinery need greater technical operators and longer training sessions. These are machines with more electronics and less mechanics. To have modern equipment it is necessary to have the correct technical assistance locally. There must be mechanics in the area who are capable of repairing and maintaining the machinery in a simple and inexpensive way.

Also, each market has more standard and more accepted models. The concentration of a certain brands in a market creates a series of advantages for industrialists, such an available working force and technicians to manage the machinery and local technical services with extensive experience in maintenance. Choosing more advanced or less known models in the local market can mean a greater risk for the investor, although it can also mean a differentiation factor. This analysis and research should be done before deciding on a particular model or brand.

Geographical markets differ in demand for certain models and brands. For example: for extrusion-blow moulding machines, MachinePoint sells in the emerging African economies mainly very simple machines from the 1990s, that produce single-layer bottles, hydraulically driven, which can store most liquids, with simple maintenance and basic head regulation. Compared to a multi-layer co-extruder blow moulding machine, more complicated to adjust and for a product with more penetration in developed economies.

Finally, availability is key in the second-hand market. Some machinery types and models are sold before they go on our website, because demand exceeds supply. This happens for example with relatively new lines of well-known brands of coextrusion film blowing 3 layers 1800 wide and Illig thermoforming machines models UA100 and UA155.

Factors to take into account when choosing the right make and model of machinery:

  1. Foresee present and future production needs
  2. Define final manufactured product needs
  3. Research work force availability in your local market and facility to train them on your equipment needs
  4. Find out availability of local technical services to repair and maintain the machinery

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Illig thermoforming machines

How to choose the right machinery brand and model for your project

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