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MachinePoint Engineering collaborates with LY Company and Tetra Pak to build its new packaging factory in Malaga

MachinePoint Engineering has been chosen by LY Company to build its new factory for the packaging of new products such as quality wines, gourmet water and brik oil. This factory will be a reference worldwide for its innovation.

MachinePoint Consulting has acted as a business facilitator by introducing a Gas Natural energy efficiency offer to Tetra Pak and LY Company, and help to building a partnership that has resulted in a great deal for all companies involved. LY Company has benefited from obtaining financing for its new project.

LY Company, is based in Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga, and it is specialized in packaging food and beverages in carton and Tetra Pak containers. It is known in the industry for its packaging innovation, being one of the very first to pack oil in brik format. It is planning to package in the future other types of beverages and foods such as oils, wines, sangrias, vermouth, water, cider, Coconut water, coffee-based drinks, non-carbonated energy drinks, juice drinks, nectars and teas.

LY Company considers that carton packaging has more advantages than other materials and aims to become an industry reference in carton packing. They believe that carton protects food better from light and air oxidation, thus extending its shelf-life. Besides being aseptic, it is also biodegradable and recyclable.

MachinePoint is a group specialized in providing solutions to the food and beverage industries. MachinePoint Consulting offers partner search and networking services to entrepreneurs to help them launch new industrial projects.

MachinePoint Engineering offers project management services for the construction or modernization of production plants, to ensure time and cost achievements. With more than 15 years in the machinery industry, MachinePoint has developed a unique know-how and network of contacts at its client’s disposal to help them with their expansion plans.

MachinePoint’s collaboration has been key to move this project forward. MachinePoint Consulting has acted between Gas Natural and Tetra Pak to make it easier for LY Company to build its new facilities. MachinePoint is currently introducing Gas Natural energy efficiency project in the industrial sector.

In addition, LY Company will have the support and experience of MachinePonit engineers, who will guide with their project management know-how so they meet deadlines, control costs and avoid contingencies.

LY Company will be building a pioneer plant that will pack in carton what was traditionally packed in other materials. This is of great value not only for the company, but also for the region, as it will be a plant of worldwide reference.

An investment of 4 million euros will be needed to set up the 10 million containers capacity plant. The plant expects to be operational by the end of 2017 and LY Company plans to recover the investment in less than three years.

César Rodríguez, MachinePoint CEO, says: “What has fascinated us about this project is to see how we can utilize our network of contacts and put together a team that can make such a great project possible. After 15 years in the industry I believe we have a lot of value to add to our customers by introducing them to the right people when they need it”.

MachinePoint plans to promote its networking services through its new subsidiary MachinePoint Consulting. It wants to offer the manufacturing industry a portfolio of unique services: partners and investors search, machinery valuations, equipment replacement programs and machinery repurchase guarantees.

MachinePoint Group continues to expand its service offering currently through 3 subsidiaries: MachinePoint Consulting, MachinePoint Engineering and MachinePoint Used Machinery.

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MachinePoint Engineering collaborates with LY Company and Tetra Pak to build its new packaging factory in Malaga

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