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MachinePoint Group launches new web

Used machinery

MachinePoint Group unveils a new look on the web. The new website is much more dynamic, user friendly, and it has been possible to integrate into it the different new brands of the group, resulting from its growth in recent years.

MachinePoint Group has currently three divisions, each with a very different business model. MachinePoint Food Technologies, which does process integration, automation and complete plant turn key projects for the agro-food industry. MachinePoint Used Machinery, leader in the used machinery trading and MachinePoint Finance, which does equipment financing trading.

This growth has meant moving from a uni-product business model to a more complex organization, composed of different companies with different service offers and business models. This change has demanded the release of new websites and online offers: will focuses on MachinePoint Used Machinery online offer, and will display MachinePoint Food Technologies offer.

Internet marketing has always been key in MachinePoint marketing strategy. Since its beginnings MachinePoint has been pioneer when it comes to implementing new technologies in the industrial world. MachinePoint Used Machinery raised an important venture capital investment to launch its online trading on the Internet in the year 2000.

This commitment to the online world is also influenced by the company’s business model. MachinePoint Group offering is clearly aimed at a global market. Currently only 10% of its turnover comes from Spain. This makes the Internet a unique tool, as it is easy and cheap, and it allows reaching different markets worldwide. MachinePoint team is aware of the importance of the web as a tool to search for partners and suppliers.

Cesar Rodriguez, MachinePoint Group CEO says, “I personally have always been aware of the benefits that web technologies would bring to the business world. When I embarked on this project in year 1997, Internet was a novelty for the industrial world. Trends and internet tools always go well behind in our sector than in the consumer world. The web world is advancing at such a speed that a constant update and training of professionals is required. Web 2.0 has just been launched and we are already talking about Web 3.0. Social networks are having a major boom in many economic sectors, but if we focus on the industrial world its presence is yet minimal, and there is not a clear strategy for industrial companies like ours on how to use them. For SMEs this means extra effort and investment, and many cannot afford to have an internal team dedicated to developing and implementing updated marketing plans. They need to depend on external suppliers, and having said this finding a trustworthy and competent partner in this field is essential. “

MachinePoint Media Department

Gema Alvarez


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Used machinery

MachinePoint Group launches new web

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