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MachinePoint inaugurates new offices for its headquarters in Valladolid Spain

MachinePoint's new offices are modern and open plan

MachinePoint has opened new offices in Valladolid especially designed to continue promoting innovation, creativity and talent management among its employees, and continue to lead the market for machinery for plastics and beverages.

This new venue welcomes more than 50 professionals of different nationalities. MachinePoint’s new offices are modern and open plan and reinforce the commitment to a work model that drives teamwork, innovation and diversity.

MachinePoint has been working for more than a decade promoting teleworking to help its employees reconcile labour and personal life, and increase motivation and productivity. Offices are busy at all times with employees coming and going at different hours. Many of them work outside Spain and come for short periods to meet with the team. The company is open almost 24 hours a day through employees located in various parts of the world. Employees adapt their schedules according to the markets they serve, so that there are always people in the offices.

Flexible office design makes this new way of working possible. In addition, MachinePoint has been investing for years in technology to make remote working possible while at the same time all the team is perfectly and continuously connected on four continents.

Cesar Rodríguez, MachinePoint’s CEO, says “We believe that a good work environment is imperative to maintain our leadership and have our employees motivated. This is the reason why we adapt to the new times, creating an office where people can work but also relate to others. We have a leisure area where employees can meet outside of their working schedule. Our wall-free designed offices allow information to flow, transparency and teamwork. Remote working allows us to retain talent in a city like Valladolid. We have more than 15 nationalities working in a team of 50 people. This is possible thanks to a modern management model and an investment in technology.”

Offices are located in Calle Andrés Laguna 9-11, Boecillo Technological Park, in a green and sunny environment, with easy parking and a direct bus service to the centre of Valladolid. In a near future, they plan to include a gym on the premises to promote healthy habits among the team.

Under the “Smart & Reliable” slogan, MachinePoint continues to be committed to solutions that have a great price-quality relationship and are reliable. This spirit can be felt in their new offices and in their way of working, always pioneering.

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MachinePoint's new offices are modern and open plan

MachinePoint inaugurates new offices for its headquarters in Valladolid Spain

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