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MachinePoint, Industrial Inequality Fighters

MachinePoint Office Entrance. Industrial Inequality Fighters Since 1998

Leading companies always have a stronger motivation other than just doing business. This is the case with MachinePoint, which has been a pioneer in the buying and selling second-hand machinery since its origins. Its team is motivated by a series of values such as equality, innovation and self-improvement.

The team is aware that behind every sale of used machinery there is a generation of wealth, jobs and welfare for the region where the machine is destined.

MachinePoint buyers’ profiles are very diverse, from large companies that traditionally buy new machinery but urgently need a machine and end up buying a used one that is immediately available, to companies that buy used machinery to develop low cost R&D pilot plants. But the type of customer that most motivates MachinePoint´s team are the entrepreneurs from emerging economies that struggle to get their business going and at the same time create wealth in their regions. After all, MachinePoint was born in 1998 in Spain, when most of the Internet investment projects were made in the United States.

Based on the belief that a country needs to industrialize and modernize to raise the living standards of its inhabitants, MachinePoint’s team is motivated to work in emerging countries that are high demanders of used European machinery. This allows entrepreneurs to access quality machinery at cheaper prices. Although it is challenging to transport machinery from Europe to Asia, Africa to Latin America, MachinePoint has already years of experience in this line of work, which their team is very proud of, because they know that behind every sale wealth is created.

MachinePoint´s CEO César Rodriguez comments, “After so many years in the industry it is exciting to see how entrepreneurs who started buying a machine 20 years ago have now grown and increased their production capacity to become powerful companies. As an entrepreneur I am concerned about my social responsibilities, to the 40 families that live from our company and the employment and wealth that we create with our activity. Knowing that behind our sales we are creating wealth and employment is something that fills us with pride and satisfaction.

There are regions in the world that are rapidly industrializing and modernizing, and MachinePoint is just one more company that can help in the process that will increase the living conditions of many families. In addition we also offer engineering services through our MachinePoint Engineering Division. We accompany entrepreneurs in the development of their project, from the initial phase of the concept development until seeing the first batch of production. “

MachinePoint defines itself as industrial inequality fighters, in its mission to facilitate access to good quality used machinery at good prices, and exporting European engineering knowledge and know-how to the rest of the world.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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MachinePoint Office Entrance. Industrial Inequality Fighters Since 1998

MachinePoint, Industrial Inequality Fighters

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