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Matching industry-leading processor to a high capacity Husky Hypet

Dismantling and loading of Husky Hypet

MachinePoint coordinates dismantling & transport from Central Asia to South America 


As with any of our purchasing / sales transactions, MachinePoint aims to deliver the best possible value for our clients. That means not only finding the best offers, but also matching the buyer with the machine that exactly fits their needs. But that is just one step in MachinePoint’s end-to-end project management. It’s not enough to find a good deal for our clients – we oversee each and every aspect of the machinery purchase. 


Here, MachinePoint’s client was one of the largest companies in Latin America in the production of PET preforms. With the client looking for a way to expand production even further, MachinePoint was commissioned to find a production line that offered good value, flexible production possibilities, and of course a high standard of quality. 


As in all of projects, MachinePoint undertook a series of steps to reach the best results. 


1. Match buyer to the ideal machine 

As mentioned, the first challenge is to find the perfect machine for the buyer’s needs. We need to consider for example: 


What is the project timeframe? 

What materials and specifications are required? 

What brand is preferred by the buyer? 


In this case, the timeframe led to MachinePoint’s involvement, as a new machine from the manufacturer could not be delivered quickly enough to meet the buyer’s project needs. The other factor which became critical later on was the existing brands owned by the buyer. MachinePoint was able to locate a used Husky preform machine, a brand well-known and favored by the buyer. Buying from a familiar brand lessens any perceived risks with the deal, as well as saving the buyer the hassle and cost of learning a new system as they already have the technicians trained and sharing spare parts and auxiliaries is also much easier. 


2. Verify machine history and performance 

Having located a potential used Husky Hypet preform machine in Asia, MachinePoint’s next step was to perform an in-depth audit with the help of the OEM. The maintenance of the machine was carried out principally by Husky and the machine was found to be in excellent working condition. 


MachinePoint’s audits are perhaps one of the most critical steps of the entire purchasing process, ensuring that each potential machine receives a professional, detailed examination in its current factory. This gives the buyer maximum confidence when entering into the deal. 


3. Ensure “like to like” quality 

This Husky Hypet line passed the audit with flying colors. Not only had this particular machine had been subjected to a comparatively light use, but also the machine manufacturer has a well-established reputation as an industry leader in the preforms production. With this purchase, MachinePoint matched a high-quality machine to an industry-leading producer. 

4. Oversee dismantling and transport 

The final buyer needed support with arranging dismantling and transport from the machine’s location in Central Asia to America. MachinePoint stepped in, and coordinated teams of local experts to undertake the dismantling of the Husky Hypet line.  


The dismantling and transport stage involved more than one company. MachinePoint hired, coordinated, and oversaw companies to dismantle the machine; remove the machine from its original factory; transport by highway to an international port; and process all the necessary export documentation. At every stage and with every company, MachinePoint oversees timetables and monitors progress. 


5. End-to-end project management 

Buying a used machine internationally requires a knowledgeable team, coordinating in different continents and across numerous international borders. It involves logistics, sales, and complicated paperwork. 


MachinePoint provides a core team who know the industry, and who know where to get help when it is needed. In this case, MachinePoint quickly found and deployed local teams from within Central Asia to expertly disassemble the line and prepare it for transport. From that point, MachinePoint continued to oversee the smooth transfer of the machine to America and its final destination. 


MachinePoint scouted and located a used Husky Hypet line, from a respected manufacturer. It assembled nearby expertise to disassemble the machine, and then MachinePoint negotiated the transport of the line by land and sea to America. This is the end-to-end expertise only available from MachinePoint. 

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Dismantling and loading of Husky Hypet

Matching industry-leading processor to a high capacity Husky Hypet

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