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Trends on Used Pet Machinery market

used PET machinery and qualified engineering and maintenance by MachinePoint

The progress of PET in becoming the material of choice for beverage bottles has been very rapid. Today, it is widely used and preferred over other materials such as PVC, glass, aluminum cans, etc. PET is a rugged, light, inexpensive packaging solution that is also “green”. PET bottles can be recycled. It is a big plus that PET bottles do not go to landfills but find their way back to the market.

The market for used PET beverage machinery is a busy one because of the advantages offered by PET in the manufacture of consumer packaging and bottles.

PET bottles are manufactured using preforms and blow molding machines.

The preform injection molding machines use either a one-step or two-step method. The one-step method is an integrated process in which the entire sequence from PET granule to finished bottle is carried out on a single machine. The two-step process uses two machines to achieve the same result.

Husky is the world’s leading brand of injection molding equipment and services. Its products and maintenance services cover the entire globe. The Husky HyPET system is the most popular integrated injection molding system used by plastic manufacturers the world over. The platform consists of a hot runner, mold, machine, robot and post-mold cooling.

The PET-LINE production systems from Netstal too have a wide and faithful market share in the global PET bottle manufacturing sector. This particular platform is configurable to the manufacturer’s requirements and capacity utilization.

The blow molding technique also makes use of the thermoplastic properties of PET. Injection blow molding and stretch blow molding are the two popular types of techniques used in manufacturing PET beverage bottles. The best brands in the market are Sidel, Krones, KHS, SIPA, SIDE, ADS.

The European market has been one of the most active markets for the buying and selling of PET manufacturing machines, including used PET machinery. However; good used PET beverage machinery is manufactured globally and is available worldwide from a large number of manufacturing groups. Buyers looking to buy used PET machinery are sure to benefit from the services of a broker that is an experienced intermediary in the sale of used PET beverage machinery. Machinepoint is the largest broker in Europe for plastics and beverages machinery. The company’s experience and expertise in valuating used machinery is a major plus for sellers looking to liquidate stock, lease, or rent machinery. Buyers are assured of a highly competent unbiased financial appraisal along with technical evaluation of the machinery. MachinePoint also has a division dedicated to offering financial help to buyers.

Apart from purchasing the right type of machinery for its requirements, buyers need to look for qualified engineering and maintenance providers in their region. The equipment has to be complemented by an assured supply of reliable and cost-efficient ancillary products. This will ensure worry-free running of your machinery. Because of the scale of its operations and expertise acquired over the years, MachinePoint is uniquely placed to offer consultation to buyers and sellers on matters pertaining to the buying and selling of used PET beverage machinery almost anywhere in the world.

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used PET machinery and qualified engineering and maintenance by MachinePoint

Trends on Used Pet Machinery market

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