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Used machines versus Asian machines

Good Quality Used European Plastics and Beverage Machinery by MachinePoint

MachinePoint Consultants S.L., headquartered in Spain is the largest trading organization dealing with European Used Plastic Processing and Beverage Machinery. MachinePoint has already sold machinery into 55 different countries thanks to its specialized network of international professionals (lawyers, technicians, machine manufacturers, forwarders, riggers, brokers, dealers, agents and auctioneers), and its commitment to the highest performance. For more details, please log on to

Mr. Cesar Rodriguez –CEO- says, “MachinePoint selects the best machinery in Europe and provides the best engineering and logistics service to its customers. Our experience says that customers are not satisfied if left alone selling or buying equipment. They need the best professional company to take care of collection, legal agreements, dismantling, packaging, loading, transportation, custom formalities, commissioning or repairing machinery. Most deals would not happen without our intermediation.”

MachinePoint offers a wide range of services necessary to other trade of used machinery: competitive Capital and Operating Lease financing, Residual Valuation Services, and machinery Repurchasing guarantees. We intermediate on behalf of First Class Banks to which we provide Residual Value Services or Machinery Buy-Back guarantees. For any query related to the Financing of the Used Machinery, e-mail:

Mr. Rodriguez believes that for MP, both – the machine sellers and the machine buyers are MP´s customers. The machinery owner needs a specialist to promote, sell, collect, dismantle, package and export the machine. The buyer needs a professional organization to select the best machine in the market to fulfill his needs, and to dismantle, package and transport (so as) to guarantee safe delivery. Both need financial intermediation to provide 100% payment before delivery to the owner, and L/C experience to secure delivery and allow up to 360 days financing if needed.

MachinePoint’s India Sales Manager- says, “We all know that European manufacturers are an unrivaled pedigree developing plastics and rubber machinery since the early 1950’s. In addition to this pedigree in machinery, Europe has also been the global driving force for plastics and rubber material development and this local coupled with significant investment in R&D and a strong trade association network enables European machinery manufacturers to remain at the forefront of innovation. The most important reason for dealing in USED European Machinery is the fact that the quality of the machines manufactured in the eighties and nineties is absolutely sufficient to meet the requirements of nearly all new markets, plus the fact that they have an extended life compared to their counterparts in Asia. This is due to the Advanced Material Treatment such as high precision milling and grinding or advanced surface technology and heat treatment that have been developed by European Manufacturers. Moreover, European machinery, though used, ensures production of precise products with consistent quality. Higher output, lower rejects, prompt delivery, longer life and reduced downtime delivered by European manufacturers ensure that production costs are lower in the long run. Precision, process constancy and process stability is the philosophy when building machinery in Europe. Furtheremore, combined flexibility in design and integration guarantee that specific customer need is met. Efficiency through automation of the production is considered at every stage of the design process in Europe. Innovative tools, the development of ever more sophisticated robots, peripheral devices and logistic components are developed by close cooperation between manufacturers of machinery and peripheral equipment. In a market where productivity is a key, European manufactured machinery excels.

Having said all the above, we are then asked to comment about the machinery being out priced by almost all the Indian Machinery today on the block. Well, for us, Machine cost is seldom the decisive factor when considering the cost-per-part. Variable costs, such as material and energy consumption far out way the original capital investment. European machinery manufacturers not only use the latest technology (e.g. pumping technology, innovative drive concepts, etc.) but moreover, they invent it! The technical parameters (e.g. size, performance) of European machinery are needs matched with each customer, thereby reducing waste and improving environmental performance.

In addition to the technical edge mentioned above, European Machinery also satisfies safety regulations worldwide and ensures the best possible staff security. This factor is slowly but inevitably becoming one of the strong reasons why an entrepreneur would want to invest in them.”

Mr. Rodriguez firmly believes, “The Machinery Trade is among the most complex transactions, requiring an interactive evaluation of the client’s needs and hands-on, professional servicing to ensure the proper transaction. MachinePoint has developed a structure and a methodology, that allows to move from the ‘one trader business’ to the ‘machinery trading organization’.” For any enquiry for Good Quality Used European Plastics and Beverage Machinery, please contact :

MachinePoint Media Department

Gema Alvarez


Tel: + 34 983 54 99 00

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We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Good Quality Used European Plastics and Beverage Machinery by MachinePoint

Used machines versus Asian machines

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