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Best Plastic Machinery Trade Fairs

MachinePoint Used machinery and Engineering exhibits at most important plastic and beverage industry tradeshows

Trade fairs provide an excellent opportunity for businesses involved. This includes buyers, sellers, and intermediaries. Buyers visit trade fairs to find out first-hand about the best machines suitable for their requirements. Trade fairs are also a great opportunity to network and build contacts.

There are hundreds of trade fairs happening. Obviously you cannot be present at all of them; it is not feasible in terms of both time and money. Besides the proliferation of the internet as a means of conducting business transactions means that trade fairs have lost a little bit of their sheen. A lot of money, planning, time, and effort go into conducting a trade fair and machinery manufacturers rely on trade fairs to show off their machinery. But not all of them click in terms of enthusiastic participation and business transactions. You may find that local trade fairs, both big and small, held in your region will suffice to keep you updated on the latest machinery developments relevant to your industry.

The plastic machinery industry hosts trade fairs all over the world every year. Here is a list of some well-known trade fairs that exhibit the best first- and second-hand machinery related to plastics.

The K trade fair is the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry in Europe, followed by the NPE in Chicago. This year, it is scheduled to be held from 27th October to 3rd November. This trade fair brings together suppliers and buyers of raw and auxiliary materials, machinery, semi-finished products, etc. It has been going strong for more than 40 years. The K trade fair takes place once every three years and occupies a very special place in the international plastic machinery business calendar, particularly for those buyers that wish to check out European machinery. The European plastics machinery sector consists of several world leaders in the field. German and Italian plastics machinery manufacturers are known for their innovative designs.

The NPE is another very important trade fair that attracts plastics machinery suppliers in droves. The previous edition of NPE was held in 2009 in Washington D.C, America. The next event is scheduled to be held in Orlando, Florida in 2012.

Here is information on some of the plastic machinery trade fairs that were held earlier this year. Often regional focus plays a part in deciding the participation of manufacturers and consequently the type of machinery on display.

INTERPLASTICA 2010 – The Interplastica trade fair is a big opportunity for businesses in and around Russia to come together. The 13th edition of this trade fair was held in Moscow, Russia between 26th -29th January, 2010. Some of the countries that were represented included Germany, Italy, China, Austria, Taiwan, France and Portugal. Germany and Russia had the largest presence in the fair.

Brasilpack – This trade fair held at the Anhembi Show Pavilion in Sao Paulo, Brazil from 22nd to 26th March, 2010 focused on packaging and processing machinery. It drew more than 20,000 visitors and nearly 350 exhibitors from nearly 30 countries.

Plastec Russia – This event occupies significance as being one of the most awaited trade fairs where exhibitors and visitors of diverse profiles converge to assess the scenario in fields such as plastics processing solutions, production machinery, molds, mold components, etc. St. Petersburg hosted the 2010 edition between 9th – 12th March.

Plast Imagen – The 2010 edition of this leading event of the plastic machinery segment in Latin America was held in Mexico City, Mexico from 23rd to 26th March. The trade fair saw a healthy turnout from manufacturers looking to impress traders and financers in the region.

Plastika Italy – This plastics machinery trade fair was held in Parma, Italy from 25th to 27th March, 2010. On display was a wide array of machinery including extrusion lines, injection & blow molding, preprocessing and recycling machines.

PLASTEX – This trade fair is the premium trade fair for the North Africa and Middle East (MENA) region. It was held from 13th May to 16th May this year at Cairo and attracted more than 500 exhibitors vying to tap the vast regional market.

PLASTPOL – The PLASTPOL trade fair attracts businesses involved in plastic processing machinery from all over the world. It is the largest fair of its kind in its region and one of the important plastic machinery fairs in Europe. The 2010 edition lasted from 25th to 28th May and attracted more than 700 companies from 29 countries.

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MachinePoint Used machinery and Engineering exhibits at most important plastic and beverage industry tradeshows

Best Plastic Machinery Trade Fairs

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