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Discover the history and current state of the used Tetra Pak machinery market. Learn about the advantages of buying used and the factors to consider

In this special season, the entire MachinePoint team comes together to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. In this time of

On the occasion of our 25th anniversary at MachinePoint, we have refreshed our image while maintaining our identity. The ability to evolve is key to

Explore the origin and process of carbonated beverages. Discover their variety of flavors and cultural impact. Immerse yourself in their refreshing history!

Equipment financing: How Does It Work? ‘Finding money also requires innovation and combining different instruments.’ With long-term financing products such as leasing, renting, or loans,

The demand for used machinery remains strong, resulting from the commitment of many companies to buy used equipment.
The inspiring story of MachinePoint, a leading company in the buying and selling of used machinery in the plastics and beverage industries.
Lashing must be done correctly according to the size, weight, and equipment type...
Evolution of used and new recycling machinery demand and offer
Choosing the correct type of packaging is important to protect the equipment and prepare it for transport