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Category: Success Stories

As experts in the sector of buying and selling used machinery for the plastics industry, we found an optimal solution for our customer.
Companies have shifted their focus from single-use plastic to recycling, the circular economy and biodegradable materials.
MachinePoint coordinates dismantling & transport from Central Asia to South America
Investing in used machinery to capitalize on increase in demand for bottled water in South East Asia
MachinePoint has recently sold a complete sheet extrusion line
MachinePoint Engineering coordinated and supervised the installation of equipment, commissioning, initial support and training of personnel
Once again, MachinePoint executed a complex used machinery project from Russia to Central America, safely, professionally and profitably
Key success factors to international equipment dismantling and transport
MachinePoint, dismantling and transportation of extrusion blow molding lines
MachinePoint supervises transports and loadings for used machinery for plastics and beverage industries