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Dairy Processing

Dairies are those products derivative from the process and transformation of milk. The process´ that milk follows are several, and they vary depending upon the final product to be achieved: milk (fresh, UHT, ESL), cheese, butter, cream, powder milk, ice cream, etc.

Regulations on dairy products vary from country to country and they can affect the production process chosen. For example, in a lot of countries non pasteurized cheese cannot be commercialized. In the USA, the most marketable liquid milk is HTST, in southern Europe it is UHT and in northern Europe fresh milk is very popular. Nevertheless, the rules for sterilization and extended life preservation are more or less homogeneous worldwide.

MachinePoint has extensive experience in supplying dairy manufacturers’ new lines and automation of processes. Please have a look at this diagram to understand the different products that we can help you produce, and the technologies and processes that are used to produce them.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Dairy Processing

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