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Drums Aspiration and Frozen Drums emptying

Drums Aspiration and Frozen Drums emptying

Aseptic fruit and vegetable pastes and concentrates are used for the production of beverages and drinks. Pastes and concentrates are usually packed for easy transportation in refrigerated or frozen aseptic drums.

MachinePoint supplies a drum aspiration system using automatic roller systems and vacuum aspiration or ground-thaw that allows for efficient concentrate unloading.


  • Drums are emptied in record times
  • Concentrate and paste unloading efficiency is increased in terms of time compared with other unloading methods
  • They are easy to integrate into blending lines

Process description

The containers are emptied by high-vacuum suction which is generated by liquid ring pumps. The concentrate then flows into a steel tank, and from this tank the product is extracted by pumping.

When the concentrate is frozen, the system contains a tunnel that pre heats the drums defrosting the drums outside. The drums follow into a high efficiency cruser that minces the ice. Once the ice has been minced it is pumped through a heat exchanger.

Equipment integrated in the system:

  • A liquid ring pump that provides the vacuum necessary to suck the product
  • A pump with speed control that keeps the tank at the desired level
  • Automatic CIP
  • Waste reduction system
  • A handling systems that consist of roads rollers with hydraulic motorization automatically controlled
  • In computerized plants, the barcode scanner ensures batch traceability
  • Siemens S7 PLC Automation
  • Made of stainless steel ASI-316
  • Suction hose made out of FDA compliant material

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Drums Aspiration and Frozen Drums emptying

Drums Aspiration and Frozen Drums emptying

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