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Drinktec 2022: Great attendance and very optimistic forecasts for MachinePoint at the world’s largest beverage trade show

Five years after its last edition Drinktec reopens its doors in Munich.

It is the first major international beverage trade fair to be held free of COVID, and it shows. There has been a great turnout during the first couple of days.

Among the most visible trends at Drinktec 2022 is everything to do with the circular economy, reducing packaging weights, promoting energy savings and energy efficient machines.

MachinePoint could not miss this event, and therefore a large team travelled to Germany. At their stand they have been making new contacts and receiving existing customers, with whom they have been dealing with for several years.

Among those attending the fair are decision-makers, managers and technicians from all over the world. However, it should be noted that this edition is marked by the absence of Russian customers due to the invasion of the Ukraine. For MachinePoint this situation has led to the growth of other neighboring countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, or Turkmenistan.

Our CEO César Rodriguez gave us his first impressions of the Drinktec 2022 fair, “the influx of people is brutal” he said enthusiastically, while noting that the second-hand market is going to be very important in the coming years. “We are finding that there is a great demand for machinery that is very scarce in the used market, and there is where MachinePoint’s great value is going to be proven, finding those machines for our customers.”

The current global economic situation with rising inflation is also being felt in the markets. This situation is notably affecting new machinery, and that is causing a growing interest in used machinery. This is not only happening in SMEs, but also in the most powerful beverage companies worldwide. This is what César assures us, who has seen how in recent days very large leading companies have approached MachinePoint interested in both selling and buying used machinery.

For the future everything seems to indicate that we are in a moment of relocation. European and American companies are suffering the problems of manufacturing in China. As a partner that is not always reliable for companies, it is causing problems in Western markets and is greatly affecting machinery manufacturing companies. This has been pointed out by consulting firms such as McKinsey, and supported by MachinePoint´s CEO who also adds, “European countries and companies are already beginning to reward service over price, and this is something that will increase in the coming years. European manufacturers can’t afford to stop their sales and productions because there are parts that are made in China and they can’t service them.” He also adds that this will be beneficial for many European companies, including MachinePoint.

Undoubtedly Drinktec 2022 is already seen as a success, now we will have to wait and see how this translates into closed business. At MachinePoint we have it clear that after more than 20 years of service to our customers, our professionalism and integrity is key to our continued success, and we ensure we demonstrate this at all the fairs we visit around the world.

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Drinktec 2022: Great attendance and very optimistic forecasts for MachinePoint at the world’s largest beverage trade show

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