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Great prospects and teamwork for MachinePoint at the K 2022 trade fair

K 2022 stand

The K trade fair returned once again, hosting the most important companies in the plastics and rubber sectors in the world. On this occasion, more than 3000 companies from 141 countries attended this not to be missed international event.

For Machinepoint too it was a very important date in our calendar. 17 representatives of our team travelled to Düsseldorf armed with the best used machinery catalogue in the market. Offering an integrated service to all visitor, they looked to establish synergies between buyers and sellers of used machinery.

The impressions of our colleagues could not have been better a few days into the trade fair.

For Javier Escarda, Area Manager for Film’s Latin American market, being his first time at the K, lived it especially enthusiastically and commented that “the experience was very enriching, we made many new contacts and we have saw many customers and suppliers”.

As far as the Latin market is concerned, Javier commented that mainly large companies attended, as well as important machinery representatives. “Quite a few customers visited, in spite of the distance and the recent Colombia Plast resulting in generally less participants from Latin America”. However, he believes that the balance was very positive, and the experience at a fair like this always worthwhile.

Héctor Sánchez, Operations Director, already has extensive experience at the K show. In his opinion, he saw the fair very similar to previous editions, the last one held in 2019 and you would not think there was a pandemic in between. He told us that “the MachinePoint team is better organised than ever, the coordination between all of us has been better than ever, I would say that it is one of the best fairs I have ever been to”.

He also stressed the most important aspect of this fair is that “everyone was there, within the plastics and packaging sectors, it being quite clearly the best meeting place for the industry. ” To give an idea of the magnitude of the event, Héctor added that we you could be at the fair twice as long and still it would not be enough to talk to everyone.

For Héctor, if you must choose one trade fair to attend in the world, there is no better than the K because exhibitors, producers, machine manufacturers all come here. The industry from all sectors of plastics and rubber processing come together here and it is the perfect opportunity to make new contacts and generate new sales.

As for the market situation Isaac Rodriguez, Extrusion Division Director, gave us his vision. He noticed that the pipe industry is somewhat weaker than expected, however, blow extrusion for bottles of bleach or hydroalcoholic gel is still booming. As for the packaging sector, he detected a significant growth in demand compared to previous editions.

He also commented on the concern among machinery manufacturers since “as they cannot deliver the machines on time due to the lack of microchips; customers no longer ask for prices but for when they will be able to deliver the machines”.

The perception of MachinePoint CEO César Rodríguez is in line with the rest of the team, he has seen a large influx of people, in his opinion even more than on other occasions, “it seems that after Covid there is a need to belong to the sector and nobody wanted to miss this edition of the K.”

MachinePoint’s stand was also extremely busy through the week, “we have had to increase the capacity by 25% to attend to all customers. There is currently a great demand for used machinery”.

César told us, “people choose MachinePoint as their service partner when they want to buy or sell their used machinery. Customers from all over the world, come to our stand and reiterate that MachinePoint is a reference in the sector and very professional”. Cesar receives these words with pride because MachinePoint’s triumph lies in the fact that we care about the success of our customers.

César did not want to miss the opportunity to praise the whole team that went to the fair “it fills me with pride to see the spirit with which the whole team is working at the fair. For a company it is essential that there is the same harmony between everyone, and that is something that we have at MachinePoint, we support each other and that is also a success for us. After so many years in the sector we are specialists in machinery, but the most important thing is that at MachinePoint we make the difficult easy, and that is something that makes us unique. “

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K 2022 stand

Great prospects and teamwork for MachinePoint at the K 2022 trade fair

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