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Horchata production line: Used Machinery by Machine Point

Horchata processing machinery

Horchata is a typical drink from eastern Spain. Its produced from ground tigernuts or almonds, with a texture that is resemblant of a dairy product. It is a drink rich in minerals and vitamins.

The production process; from the extraction of the fat from the nut, to the preperation and sterilization; is critical to the outcome of the Horchata. The slightest inadequate step throughout the process, and the end product is ruined.

MachinePoint provides the lines for the complete process of producing Horchata, from the extraction and filtration right through to the stabilisation and sterilisation of the final product.

The process begins with the washing and the re-hydrating of the almonds or tigernuts. Once the nuts are clean and disinfected, they go through a process of rehydration which lasts for several hours.

Afterwards, the ground nuts are combined with water; and crushed, ground until you are left with a rich liquid with a milky colour.

Increase your horchata production with Machine Point’s used production lines

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost horchata production capacity in your business, MachinePoint’s used production lines are the ideal solution. Our company specializes in providing quality machinery for the food industry, and our horchata production lines are no exception.

At MachinePoint, we supply all the necessary used machinery in the horchata manufacturing process, from mixers and pasteurizers to bottle filling lines or Tetra Pak and product labeling machines.

Are the machines compatible with the processing of other beverages, or are they specific to horchata?

The machines used in a horchata production line can vary in terms of their ability to produce different types of beverages. Some machines may be specific to horchata production due to their particular features, while others might be versatile and suitable for producing a variety of drinks.

Specific Horchata Machines: Some machines, such as those used in the extraction and crushing of tiger nuts, may be specifically designed for horchata production due to the unique properties of this product, such as the consistency and characteristics of tiger nuts. Due to their specialized designs, other types of beverages may not be directly compatible with these machines.

Versatile Machines: Some stages of the production process, such as pasteurization, cooling, filling, and packaging, may require more generic equipment that can adapt to various beverages. After proper cleaning and preparation to avoid cross-contamination, these machines could be used to produce different types of beverages.

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We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Horchata processing machinery

Horchata production line: Used Machinery by Machine Point

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