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How to dismantle industrial machinery?

OEMs design machines so they can be packed, transported, and installed as easily and efficiently as possible, reducing the cost of purchasing new equipment. When we want to dismantle used machinery it is important to emphasize the fact that they are second-hand, since other factors should be considered when planning the dismantling.

A large number of second-hand machines have been adapted over the years to the facilities and needs of their owners. It often happens that, when disassembling the machines, these can occupy space more than what they did when they were initially delivered. A dismantling plan should bear this in mind to minimize costs, unnecessary delays and unforeseen events once disassembly has begun.

Disassembly is a critical process in used machinery to ensure future assembly without surprises. Carrying out a meticulous follow-up of it and documenting the process helps future technicians with its assembly and transmits security to the buyer.

César Rodríguez, MachinePoint´s CEO comments: “After so many years in the industry we have had all kinds of experiences. From companies that cut the wiring of an electrical panel carelessly making subsequent assembly impossible, to customers who, after rejecting our transport offer for a cheaper one, call us with urgent need for help, since their transporter has had an accident, their machine is broken and they have no insurance. We are talking about machines that, even when they are used, involve a significant investment for most companies. It is not wise to take chances with the disassembly and packaging of equipment. “

Dismantling process of used machinery

This is the process we follow when organizing a used machinery dismantling for our clients, and the factors we consider that must be taken into account:

  • The company hired to carry out the disassembly will have all the civil liability insurance, social security, training certificates, disassembly certificates and correct personnel training.
  • Define a complete dismantling plan, which implies full knowledge of measurements and weights of the different parts. This will ensure achieving deadlines for dismantling, packing, loading and transportation. This information is gathered by our technicians and our network of machine handling specialists. A good planning implies that delays and therefore unforeseen costs are minimized. An accurate transport quote can be requested.
  • When requested, all mechanical parts and cables will be marked, and all dismantling activities will be documented.
  • We will ensure that electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, product, water, gas, oil and air supplies are properly disconnected to prevent accidents and facilitate reinstallation. The disassemblers will carefully separate the different parts of the machine to fit the transport equipment and facilitate re-installation.
  • When the machine has oil, hydraulic fluids or any other liquid inside, these liquids must be suitably extracted to avoid contamination and spills during transport. This in some countries must be done by a certified company that ensures the correct recycling of toxic or polluting materials such as oil.
  • Adequate equipment such as cranes, forklifts, skids, standing jacks, etc. might be needed to allow for a safe extraction of the machine and avoid damages. This should be foreseen and the dismantling plan should define how to extract the equipment from the factory and the weight of each of the individual pieces that need to be loaded onto the containers.

MachinePoint can take care of organizing, supervising and following-up of the disassembly, so that our customers can count on safe disassembly, all processes being monitored, and the support of a network of technicians and suppliers with experience in disassembling second hand machines.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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How to dismantle industrial machinery?

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