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Juice processing equipment

MachinePoint has been working for many years in the food industry, providing equipment for the processing of fruits into juice, nectars, concentrates, pastes, or other types of liquid substances.

MachinePoint coincidingly manages the juice making process as well as the packaging into different packages: tetrapak carton packaging, pet bottle, pouches, etc.

Aseptic storage and packaging can be required in some plants. MachinePoint is one of the very few companies that specializes in and commits to aseptic projects. Due to the economical losses that could result as a failure or technical glitch in the installations, many companies refuse to take responsibility over these projects. Our commitment to complex aseptic projects demonstrates our confidence, and is backed by our reputation as professional equipment providers in this industry.

We supply equipment and production lines for the processing of the following products:

  • Juices. Pure fruit juice
  • Nectars . Concentrate of fruit
  • Squashes . Contains fruit pulp mixed with sugar syrup
  • Cordials . Are crystal-clear squashes
  • Syrups . Are concentrated clear juices. They normally have a high sugar content
  • Concentrate, please see concentrate making plant
  • Smoothies are juices with high pulp concentration
  • Milkshakes mix of fruits with milk

MachinePoint also helps the agro food industry in the transformation of their agricultural products into other products other than juices. Please see our agro-food section.

The process of making juice varies from factory to factory. Juice can be made out of fresh fruit, vegetables, concentrate, frozen fruit paste or aseptic mix. If produced from fresh fruit, all the equipment for fruit and vegetable storage, selection, cleaning and extraction need to be corresponding. This means that a different processing line for fresh fruit and vegetable extracting is required.

If made out of concentrate or aseptic mix paste the ingredients go straight to the mixing and blending units where they are mixed in either a batch or a continuous system. Nowadays manufacturers tend to produce numerous different juice varieties resulting from an assortment of concentrates or fruits. The same production line can be used to produce different types of juices. CIP systems can guarantee complete hygiene throughout the entire process whilst using the same production line for different products.

When it comes to orange juice, another process is involved as the enzymes have to de deactivated before the liquid can be pasteurized. In certain processes a homogenizer might also be required to guarantee the homogenized mixture of the ingredients.

Most juices are packed in aseptic packaging. Those that are intended to be kept and stored in the fridge are packed using ultra clean packing technology, and those that come in glass bottles are usually hot filled.

Byproducts or waste products that result from the production of juices – such as pulp – can also be reproduced to create dehydrated feed for livestock, pectin for use in making jellies, citric acid, essential oils, molasses, and candied peel. Certain fractions of orange oil (known as d-limonene), have excellent solvent properties and are sold for use in industrial cleaners.

Machinery comprising a line for juice processing:

  • Extracting line: harvesting, collection, cleaning, grading, extracting, pulp filtering
  • Ingredient reception
  • Storage systems
  • Mixing process
  • Separator machines
  • UHT, Pasteurizers and Sterilizers
  • Freezing
  • Evaporation
  • Spray drying
  • Vacuum Deaeration
  • Carbonation
  • Conveyor
  • Sterile tanks

How to Improve Juice Production with MachinePoint Equipment

Citrus fruits are highly valued worldwide for their delicious taste and nutritional benefits. That’s why they are among the most popular and consumed fruits. What’s interesting is that they can be used not only for making juices but also for obtaining pulp, fibers, essential oils, and even processing the peel for use in animal feed.

Currently, those involved in citrus processing seek to diversify their products to reach more markets, increasing productivity and profitability. All of this is possible thanks to the automation and industrialization of processes. At MachinePoint, we create tailored solutions for our clients, adapting to the characteristics of each plant, its requirements, and local laws. We customize each project based on the type of fruit, production capacity, available budget, and other variables. This way, we help our clients achieve their goals and succeed in the market.

At MachinePoint, the processing areas we cover include fruit reception lines, including washing and sorting units and leaf removal, juice extraction lines, pasteurization, concentrators and evaporators, extraction and centrifugation of essential oils, aseptic filling and packaging or other storage technologies, freezing lines, and complementary equipment and services: cooling tower, air compressor, CIP systems, etc.

In each project, we incorporate high-quality and reliable used equipment, allowing us to offer more affordable prices to clients with tight budgets.

Juice production equipement

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We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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Juice processing equipment

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