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MachinePoint appoints new division Directors for its Film, Sheet and Extrusion departments

Sales Manager Plastic MachinePoint

MachinePoint, Spain, 25 September 2019. MachinePoint Group is pleased to announce the appointment of Marco Marchiorello as Film & Sheet Division Sales Director and Isaac Rodríguez as Extrusion Division Sales Director. They both succeed Pilar Alvarez who has been managing both divisions since MachinePoint´s foundation in 1999.

MachinePoint´s team wishes to thank Mrs Pilar Alvarez for her contributions to the company over the last 20 years, including the important role she has played developing MachinePoint from a start-up project into the biggest used machinery seller for the plastics and beverage industries in Europe. Pilar will remain at MachinePoint in a management counselling position until her final retirement.

Mr. Marchiorello graduated from Trento University in business and management and also attended a Business Master at Chicago University. He started his career at MachinePoint 13 years ago, where his capacity to lead and convince have made him the perfect new Film & Sheet Sales Director. He has been responsible until now in developing the Italian market, the most important market for MachinePoint´s plastic division, and he has excelled in this task gaining a great penetration for MachinePoint brand among Italian machinery manufacturers. He has also led the opening of new markets with success such as Turkey, Russia and the Balkans.

Mr. Marchiorello will be planning, coordinating and overseeing all sales activities for MachinePoint´s Film & Sheet division. One of Marco’s priorities will be to study new markets where to expand his sales network outside MachinePoint leading position in Europe.Mr. Rodriguez graduated from UEMC University in Valladolid and has a Master in International trade from the Spanish Chamber of Commerce. He joined MachinePoint over 11 years ago and has grown within the team to become the new Sales Director of MachinePoint´s Extrusion division. He is a naturally born sales driven person, with high levels of activity which makes him unbeatable when reaching sales results. He has a deep understanding of the extrusion market where he has been focused since he joined MachinePoint. His capacity to speak several languages fluently has help him to develop a key position within the extrusion market in Europe. He speaks Spanish, English, German, Portuguese, French and Italian.

Mr. Rodriguez takes over a mixed team of senior and junior sales people and will be focusing on training and expanding it to achieve superior sales results.

Pilar Alvarez, prior Plastics Division Director commented: “Having worked with Marco and Isaac on multiple complex projects along all these years I feel that both possess a vast experience in their respective machinery industries. Their strong expertise will enable them to lead their teams in the following years and I wish them all the best in this challenge of growth and development.”


MachinePoint is focused on professionalizing the trade of used machinery and give the industry top quality solutions to their surplus equipment. The company has expanded greatly since its origins and currently has sales offices in several worldwide locations.

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Sales Manager Plastic MachinePoint

MachinePoint appoints new division Directors for its Film, Sheet and Extrusion departments

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