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MachinePoint celebrates with its employees and partners 20 years leading the used machinery business

machinepoint 20 aniversario

A pioneering company that has professionalized the second-hand industrial market with 95% of its turnover coming from international transactions. This year MachinePoint celebrates its 20th year in business as a leading company in the machinery sector

Summarizing MachinePoint´s history is not easy. Every year has been intense and full of change. The company was founded in 1997 when the internet gave a boost to some businesses to create B2B models in the industrial sector. At that time, it´s founder César Rodríguez, and a small number of industry partners, wanted to capitalize on the advantages that internet could bring to connect a highly fragmented used machinery market, and they created an international company to bring transparency, security and reliability in the sale of second-hand industrial machinery.

MachinePoint bet on a sectorial specialization to add quality to their service and therefore MachinePoint specialized only in the plastics sector at the beginning. After a few years, it expanded into the beverage and food industries. Growth was accompanied by a process of internationalization, to place the company and the team on a global scale. Today the company, initially located in Spain, has a physical presence in a number of countries.

Service, value, honesty and responsibility are the values ​​on which the business model has developed and allowed for growth and sustainability over time; offering professionalism, speed, transparency and security to its customers. Over these past 20 years, the company has faced several economic crises and major technological, geopolitical and regulatory changes. Maintaining an innovative and flexible spirit was not a necessity but has proven to be the formula of success and an obligation to survive in a business world with exciting technological changes. Since the early days, MachinePoint has seen technology giants as well as large multinationals promising to transform the industry with online auctions, valuation algorithms or automatic contracting systems. Still today the used machinery dealers continue to destroy value by removing machines from their original factories to their warehouses, as they have been doing for decades. MachinePoint continues to believe in selling machines directly from the original factory (machines from factory to factory), modernize the trade of industrial machinery with better information, more immediacy and the best quality service in the market.

MachinePoint has been able to combine its team industry experience with technological advances to strengthen its business model, using the Internet as a communication and promotion tool allowing it to position itself as a global leader and have an export quota of 95%. It has also taken advantage of new communication technologies to create a geographically de-centralized team located close to important markets, while retaining talent within the company thanks to its work-life balance policies. At MachinePoint, remote working is in force for more than 20 years! The team is currently monitoring advances in artificial intelligence to study how to continue strengthening its business model.

If we take into account that the SMEs survival rate is low worldwide and extremely low in Spain where only 20% of them exceed 5 years and 10% the first ten years, in MachinePoint we find a true success story. This is the reason why its team proudly celebrates its 20 years in business and continues betting on a business model that has proven to add value to its customers. César Rodríguez, CEO and founder of MachinePoint comments, “It has been a wonderful adventure to lead this project. I have really enjoyed seeing how we have created wealth in my native region and indirectly in many other communities where we have sold machinery to create businesses. Success is not the result of luck or a few factors, but rather the sum of many variables that well meshed forge a company that adds value. As service providers that we are, people are the key. Getting and retaining talent and training professionals has been my most ambitious challenge and I have invested an enormous amount of time in it. Thanks to the people who have worked at MachinePoint over the years, we have been able to get to where we are today. Today is a day to celebrate the good work of this team and the ability of the company to continuously create new professionals, so we can keep advancing for another 20 years.”

After asking the MachinePoint team what they value most about this project, there are several different reasons, but they highlight the facilities that the company offers for work conciliation and the possibility of leading innovative projects, which makes MachinePoint a dynamic and fun company to work for.

MachinePoint has ambitious goals for the future and this upcoming 2019: continue consolidating results, increase the training of employees, guarantee the professionalism of machinery transactions and keep adopting new technological changes to improve its value proposition by investing in innovation.

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machinepoint 20 aniversario

MachinePoint celebrates with its employees and partners 20 years leading the used machinery business

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