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MachinePoint creates MachinePoint America to boost intercontinental transactions

MachinePoint America

Following the success of MachinePoint Asia launching at the beginning of 2020 to increase the presence in the region, MachinePoint now creates an internal team focused on the American market. The team is formed by 8 Area Managers from MachinePoint´s main 3 sales divisions: the beverage division led by Martin Smith, the packaging division led by Marco Marchiorello and the extrusion division led by Isaac Rodríguez.

At MachinePoint there are currently 50 specialized professionals organized by technological divisions. However, as synergies exits when grouping by geography, parallel teams have been launched so sales and marketing professionals work to promote a specific geography.

MachinePoint has traditionally sourced its used machines in Europe, where there historically exists a large and stable machinery surplus market, as many leading brands in the plastic and beverage industry are European. A strong and mature industrial infrastructure, with most SMEs investing in high quality European machinery, are the reasons for an excellent supply of used equipment in Europe.

Strong demand for European used machinery from America, Africa and Asia meant that MachinePoint started exporting machinery to these markets from its beginnings. These geographies have been great buyers of European used machinery. MachinePoint sales outside of Europe represent on average 65% of the total.

With the exponential industrial development of new economies in America and Asia, the active search for used machinery for these areas has become more critical. To fulfill this demand MachinePoint is creating geographically targeted teams to promote intercontinental used machinery buying and selling transactions.

In Latin America, MachinePoint has enjoyed a strong presence for years, with Mexico being its main market. The US market is different, as is it self-sufficient and imports and exports of surplus equipment are a small percentage of total transactions. Over the last decade MachinePoint has slowly been entering into the North American market. For certain machine types and brands the existence of an international market is necessary and this is where MachinePoint can help.

MachinePoint America team aims to increase transactions between buyers and sellers of the American continent. The proximity, preference for certain brands, presence of maintenance services throughout the continent, the use of the same voltage and frequency are some of the reasons why these transactions are favoured.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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MachinePoint America

MachinePoint creates MachinePoint America to boost intercontinental transactions

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