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MachinePoint tells its story at E-Commerce salon in Madrid

affordable industrial machines

MachinePoint is a company with a clear Internet strategy since its inception. Back in 1999 when the Internet was still an unknown tool to most, MachinePoint was one of the few Spanish companies that raised capital from foreign investment to develop a draft strategy based on strong on-line in the world of industry.

Cesar Rodriguez, CEO and Founder of MachinePoint, participated as a lecturer in E-Commerce to publicize their experience of how to implement a successful online strategy for companies in the industry.

MachinePoint, better known by its subsidiary MachinePoint Used Machinery, which is today the European leader in buying and selling used machines, sells 90% of its services outside of Spain and 70% of them outside of Europe. This is possible thanks to a leading position in Internet, the main marketing tool that uses MachinePoint to position their products.

Cesar Rodriguez says, “For MachinePoint a strong position on the Internet has been key to its growth. In addition to being pioneers in the plastic industry, packaging and beverages has enabled us to gain a competitive advantage over our competitors. ”

In the market for consumer products, Internet and its various strategies, from social networks SEO and SEM, is something which is already on the agenda. The industrial world is different because of the complexity of the products we sell. The risk is greater because the investments are higher, is arduous and lengthy negotiations in many cases, and the need for off-line presence on-line addition occurs in many cases. Is clearly not the same to buy industrial machinery that a pair of shoes. Yet the advantages of using the Internet as a tool both promotion and integration with customers and suppliers are clear. And companies that are able to benefit from this tool not only get on today’s competitive advantage, but it is increasingly a need to maintain survival. ”

To qualify for web strategy is to define it seriously and professionally. Enlist the help and advice from experts. And for all companies in the industrial world, we must be careful in selecting vendors to advise them in this process, as being mainly focused on the consumer market and consumer products, we must ensure that strategies and actions are well adapted to the needs and inherent characteristics of the industrial world. To make sure we are investing in the appropriate channels and campaigns. ”

However, the most important thing for any internet strategy, promotion or marketing is successful, it is necessary for the product and service that supports a solid, competitive, efficient and quality service. MachinePoint providing technology and makes it affordable and reliable solutions that increase the competitive advantage of their customers in their respective markets. ”

MachinePoint Media Department

Gema Alvarez


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affordable industrial machines

MachinePoint tells its story at E-Commerce salon in Madrid

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