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Understanding UHT Ultra High Temperature Processing in Industrial Machines

UHT technology

UHT stands for Ultra High Temperature. This is the sterilization processed mainly used for products with high ph, such as milk, soya, etc.

Indirect UHT Systems

For indirect heating systems, the heating medium and the product are not in direct contact, but are separated by equipment contact surfaces.

MachinePoint supplied UHT systems consist of tubular heat exchangers or corrugated pipes. They can reach temperatures of up to 145ºC within a very short space of time. The product only needs to stay at such temperatures for 3-4 seconds, and then it will be immediately cooled to a temperature below 30ºC.


  • Higher efficiency and improved product quality
  • Energy efficient as heat recovery up to 90%
  • Lower cost than direct heating systems
  • Good to process other products rather than dairies

Direct heating systems

The product is heated by direct contact with steam of potable or culinary quality. The main advantage of direct heating is that the product is held at the elevated temperature for a shorter period of time. For a heat-sensitive product such as milk, this means less damage.

MachinePoint sells injection direct heating systems where high pressure steam is injected into pre-heated liquid by a steam injector leading to a rapid rise in temperature between 80 and 145 ºC for 0,5 seconds. Following the product is flash-cooled in a vacuum to remove water equivalent to amount of condensed steam used, until we reach the 80ºC. Then temperature keep been reduced by a heat exchanger.

This method involves fast heating and cooling, and volatile removal, it is only suitable for some products and it is energy intensive.


  • These systems have more energy performance than indirect ones and they obtain a better quality product as the heating-cooling timing is very quick
  • Suitable for high PH and higher viscosity products

Common components

Balance tanks, homogenizers, des vents, control systems, etc; are the same for both systems

CIP SIP systems can be integrated

All UHT systems manufacture by MachinePoint Engineering fulfill the FDA, 3A y EHEDG regulations.

UHT System

Key Questions about UHT Processing

What is the principle behind UHT processing?

The principle behind UHT processing involves subjecting foods to extremely high temperatures for a short period of time to eliminate microorganisms and extend the product’s shelf life.

How does UHT processing technology impact the quality and nutritional content of foods?

UHT processing technology can affect both the quality and nutritional content of foods. While it can contribute to effective sterilization of products, it can also lead to the loss of certain nutrients and changes in texture and flavor.

Can the UHT system be used for all types of foods or are there limitations?

While UHT processing is suitable for a wide range of foods, there are some limitations. Some products may experience unwanted changes in their structure or flavor due to high temperatures, and not all foods can tolerate this process without compromising their quality.

How do UHT processing machines ensure the safety of food products during processing?

UHT processing machines are designed with specific features to ensure the safety of food products during processing. This includes temperature and pressure control systems, as well as safety measures to prevent cross-contamination.

What are the key considerations or factors to keep in mind when using UHT processing in the food industry?

When using UHT processing in the food industry, it is crucial to consider factors such as product compatibility with the process, food safety requirements, energy efficiency, and proper maintenance of machines. Additionally, it is important to ensure that any used machines acquired meet quality standards and are properly maintained to ensure their effectiveness and safety.

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UHT technology

Understanding UHT Ultra High Temperature Processing in Industrial Machines

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