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MachinePoint at the PLAST Milan Fair 2023: Success of Used Machinery in a Changing Environment

The 2023 edition of the PLAST Milan Fair has concluded, and MachinePoint has been more present than ever with the participation of six of our colleagues, offering the personalized and professional service that sets us apart from the competition.

Despite the challenges and transformations that have shaken the trade fair landscape, the MachinePoint team continues to demonstrate that used machinery is an attractive and viable option in this constantly evolving industry.

Héctor Sánchez (Area Business Manager) has shared his experience of the event. Regarding the attendance of the public, he mentioned that it started slow but picked up over time. Despite the fair being smaller in size compared to previous editions, the MachinePoint booth saw a steady flow of visitors every day.

The long waiting times for the delivery of new machines remain a key factor driving customers to consider used machines with nearly immediate deliveries. Héctor also highlights the presence of numerous manufacturers with a clear intention to make purchases at the fair.

On the other hand, Marco Marchiorello (Sales Director) regrets that the “big players” did not bring machines and instead held open house events at their plants, reducing participation in the fair. He also hopes that the next edition will take place in the spring, coinciding with other complementary fairs.

In terms of networking, Marco emphasizes that it went exceptionally well, as manufacturers recognize our leading position in the sale of second-hand machinery and are delighted to work with us.

PLAST 2023 was also significant for our new colleague, Anna Wutwoska, as it was her first trade fair experience. Anna expresses her amazement at the size and complexity of the fair. For her, it was a unique opportunity to understand the logistics behind machinery and learn about components, systems, materials, and recycling.

The machines she saw there helped her grasp how challenging it is to organize everything perfectly so that a used machine arrives intact to the customer. This is where the importance and role we play at MachinePoint become evident.

Furthermore, she emphasizes the importance of meeting her colleagues, collaborators, and clients in person. Anna is already “hooked” on the world of trade fairs and looks forward to the next one to continue growing.

At MachinePoint, we thank our customers and visitors for their continuous support, and we strive to remain the preferred choice of companies in the future. The PLAST Milan Fair 2023 once again underscores that used machinery has a solid and valuable place in the plastic industry, and MachinePoint is at the forefront of such operations in the market.

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MachinePoint at the PLAST Milan Fair 2023: Success of Used Machinery in a Changing Environment

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