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Storage tanks

MachinePoint Engineering supplies storage systems for the beverage, dairy and agro food industries. Storage systems can consist of storage tanks – for initial product material storing, aseptic storage tanks for aseptic processing, and intermediate storage tanks to store products at different stages within the different processes of the production line.

Our storage systems range from the very basic; with manual sterilization and tank control, to systems completely automated and controlled by a micro processor. The latter guarantees strict quality control; the loading and unloading is performed under sterile conditions; this ensures that there is no need to re pasteurize the stored product, hence retaining the quality of the product.

For production lines that are completely automated, storage within the different processes needs to be automated as well. MachinePoint Food Technologies develops storage systems and storage tanks that can be completely integrated into the current production line. Storage systems can also be combined with mixing systems, clean in place (CIP) SIP, product recovery systems, etc.

Our automated clean in place and sterilize in place (CIP SIP), our sterilizing systems and the strict pressure control included in all of our systems makes them very secure for the food industry.

To have more information on aseptic storage a dn aspetic tanks please click here.

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Storage tanks

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