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The benefits of buying second-hand machinery from factory to factory

MachinePoint sells and buys used machinery from factory to factory

Investing in industrial machinery is always a high expense for entrepreneurs and therefore, should be done with caution and foresight.

When it comes to buying a second-hand machine, the risks increase. In these cases knowing the machine’s history, conditions and where it has been operating before its purchase, is of vital importance. It is for this reason that MachinePoint is committed mainly to selling used machines that are still in production. Over 90% of the machines we promote are in production or can be seen in running conditions. Most of them are still located at their original factory.

This allows potential buyers to see where the machine has been working and in operation, which greatly reduces risks. Also knowing the owner of the machine is important to solving doubts and understand the maintenance and usage of the machine in question.

Under the slogan “factory to factory”, MachinePoint promotes these types of transactions amongst its customers, and discourages the purchase from companies whose business model is to store used machines in warehouses.

Cesar Rodríguez, CEO of MachinePoint comments, “In a warehouse it is very difficult to really see the quality of a machine. Many times machines have been falsely rejuvenated with a good cleaning and a coat of paint giving a good appearance at first glance but very far from what can be its real state of conservation. Seeing a machine in its original factory and working is very important because it gives us information about how the machine has been treated and maintained, as well as the quality of the product it processes. We see factories of all kinds, from those impeccable where the maintenance of their machinery is part of their production strategy to factories that are a very dirty mess and where the machinery ages very quickly.

Many competitors buy very cheap machines directly in auctions or in liquidations in deplorable conditions. They then take them to their warehouses where they are washed and cheaply updated leaving their appearance very attractive for sale. But when it comes to putting them in production the buyers often encounter unforeseen difficulties.

Different is the job performed by over haulers or serious renovators. These change all the parts that need to be replaced and have a reputation to uphold when selling the machines they have overhauled.”

MachinePoint personally accompanies its customers to inspect the machines they want to purchase. Gathering all technical information about the machine can be a time consuming task, but extremely necessary. We can provide our customers with a check list upon request of what needs to be revised which can be extremely helpful. The trip, pick up and factory transfer can also all be organized by MachinePoint, so buyers only need to concentrate on checking if the machine is a good fit.

We advise our clients over and over again, to inspect the machinery in production before buying consequently having a reliable supplier with enough experience and professionalism to carry out all necessary logistical operations.

Do you need advice?

We will guide you through the entire process of buying and selling used machinery in a changing and complex international environment. Our sales, logistics, legal and marketing teams will accompany you throughout the process to make the operation easy and risk-free.

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MachinePoint sells and buys used machinery from factory to factory

The benefits of buying second-hand machinery from factory to factory

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