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The successful purchase of used machinery

Professional Services to buy and sell used machinery

The purchase and sale of used industrial machinery is complex due to the large number of sellers, diversity of machines from different years and models, and the lack of guarantees and services when buying used machines. This goes hand in hand with the fact that any decision to buy machinery itself involves a rigorous analysis and a significant investment for any company.

Here we highlight some key points to consider in your purchase of used machinery:

First steps:
  1. Define what you’re looking for. Define exactly the machinery you are looking for and be clear about the value that it will add to your business. It’s not all about buying cheap, but buying a used machine that adds value to the business. Knowing in detail the process for which it is going to be used and having a business plan will help to define in a precise way the characteristics that the used machinery should have.
  2. Define a budget. Depending on this, you can focus on one or another brand and model.Make sure to have a clear breakdown of all additional costs involved in the investment beyond the base price of the used machine. This includes expenses for transport, assembly, disassembly, commissioning, and any required training. Additionally, consider potential costs for repairs, renovations, or the purchase of auxiliary equipment or molds. And all other types of indirect costs such as: additional space in your factory for new equipment, energy costs of the same, etc.
  3. Look for a professional who offers you confidence and knows the business. Given the great fragmentation of the sources where to find used machines, from local dealers and brokers, to searching directly in factories or through personal contacts, manufacturers, agents, fairs… This search takes time that one is leaving to attend to his business. Delegating this work to a company dedicated to this can mean an extra cost, but also save a lot of time and money on unnecessary trips. Even so, and due to the large number of small companies dedicated to this business, it is difficult to find a professional. Another option is to hire a trusted industrial consultant to do the job.
Take into account all these aspects when buying used machinery:
  1. Always inspect the used machinery if possible. The Internet has made communication easier, but seeing the used machine is essential to make a decision. Used machinery does not usually have guarantees, so the more information you have about it the better. Seeing it in operation if possible is also highly recommended, even if it is in a dry cycle. Another option to back up your decision or in some cases avoid visual inspection, is to request a technical audit of the used machinery from the manufacturer. These audits, although more expensive, are very reliable and as they are experts in that brand, they can highlight things that even one would not see in a visual inspection.
  2. Fairs. There are fairs dedicated to used machinery. The largest in Europe is the Resale that just took place on April 21, 2010. Explore local fairs dedicated to this topic, particularly in key countries known for supplying used machinery.
  3. Negotiate well. To do this, it is essential to have all the information about the machine and extra equipment that comes with it, and to have a clear idea of the cost of similar equipment in the new and also in the used market. This will help to make an offer with sense and not lose interesting opportunities out of ignorance. Not always a low price is a good deal, since a lot of machinery comes with auxiliary equipment and extras that have a high cost, and to put them later would end up costing more than if you pay a little more for everything. For this reason, it is important to see and understand the entire package that is sold with the machine. Transport costs and payment methods are also part of the negotiation process with which one can play.
  4. Although it takes more time and seems more complicated, trust companies that put everything on paper and do it with contracts and in a professional way. In the end, it is better to have everything in writing in case any problem arises. All the data of the used machinery and logistics of the operation should be put in writing in an official way.

In conclusion, to successfully buy used machinery, the purchase process should be carried out in a professional way and if possible with the right partners. A good broker who knows the industry from the inside is a good option.

Original Article: César Rodríguez, CEO of MachinePoint. “Comprar con éxito maquinaria usada.” Interempresas.

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Professional Services to buy and sell used machinery

The successful purchase of used machinery

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