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Baby Food production

baby food production equipment

Nutrition and Health experts recommend and insist on the need for good eating habits from childhood to avoid health problems, overweight, obesity, lack of vitamins, minerals, etc. In fact, scientific studies attest that a balanced diet during childhood prevents certain diseases in the future, in addition to acquiring good eating habits.

The processing of fruit, vegetables, meats, etc, into infant foods is similar to the industrial manufacture of other foods, but involves the non-use of preservatives, colourings or additives. Therefore, the food industry has developed unique procedures for baby food products.

The range of products used for baby food production is very wide: fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, etc. Therefore a wide variety of equipment needs to be adopted for such preparations: washing machines, cutters, micro grinding to ensure the right texture of the product adapted to each infant age.

Most of baby food is packed in glass jars, which are packaged and sterilized in autoclaves, ensuring the conservation of the product, and applying the appropriate heat treatment depending on the product pH and its composition.

Food safety and hygiene are key in baby food processing, and there is no room for errors. Processes are automated and controlled all along the production process to ensure most stringent hygiene and cleanliness controls.

CIP systems are fully automated, avoiding the use of equipment if they have not been properly cleaned.

All process parameters are usually saved and they are integrated throughout the manufacturing process, blocking any lot where there are parameters out of range.

Baby food production equipment: Machinery for infant nutrition

  • Washers: Used to clean fruits, vegetables, fish, meats, etc.
  • Cutters: Equipment for cutting and preparing ingredients. Microcrushers: Crushers that achieve textures suitable for the child’s age.
  • Autoclaves: Used for packaging and sterilizing glass jars, ensuring product preservation.
  • CIP Systems (Cleaning in Place): Automated systems for equipment cleaning, ensuring food hygiene and safety.
  • Process control: Process parameters stored and processed, integrated throughout the manufacturing process to ensure product quality and safety.
  • Packaging equipment: Machinery for packaging products in glass jars or other suitable containers.

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baby food production equipment

Baby Food production

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