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MachinePoint and Used Machinery: Connecting Markets at PLASTIMAGEN fair 2023

Equipo de MachinePoint en Plastimagen 2023

MachinePoint’s participation in the recent PLASTIMAGEN 2023 fair held in Mexico has left a positive impression on our colleagues, Javier Escarda and Isabel Salvador. Both agree on the current significance of used machinery in the plastic industry and the fundamental role we play in the Latin American market.

For Javier Escarda, Plastimagen fair 2023 has been a great opportunity to meet many clients face-to-face for the first time, understand their needs, and engage in conversations about industry trends.

Despite the importance of this fair for the plastic industry, Escarda notes, “We have noticed a decrease in customer attendance, but this has not prevented us from making the most of our presence.” He also highlighted the significant demand for used flexographic printers, indicating a rising trend in the second-hand machinery market.

Taking advantage of their time in Mexico, Escarda also shared that they had time to explore the cultural richness of Mexico City, saying, “We have had time to visit some monuments and enjoy authentic Mexican food.”

Overall, Javier Escarda’s evaluation of his participation in Plastimagen 2023 is positive, emphasizing networking opportunities and opening meaningful conversations about the future of the sector, especially in the used machinery field.

Isabel Salvador at PLASTIMAGEN 2023: A Strategic Perspective on Networking and Event Quality

Isabel Salvador has a similar perspective on the fair, describing it as a “strategic and enriching” point and emphasizing its quality as a conducive space for networking.

Salvador notes that the presence of manufacturers (end users) was scarce, although this did not hinder the overall positive outcome.

Regarding the most demanded machines, she highlights used injectors, reflecting a specific trend in the supply and demand of the second-hand machinery market. “It is interesting to see how the demand for used equipment evolves,” she added.

Like Escarda, Salvador mentioned that the trip was not only work-related but also an opportunity to explore the city.

At MachinePoint, we continue to invest in the Latin American market with a long-term vision and the conviction that used machinery will play an essential role in the industrial development of the region. Furthermore, we are committed to remaining a strategic partner, ready to contribute to the growth and innovation of the plastic sector in Latin America.

Isabel Salvador and Javier Escarda from MachinePoint team at Plastimagen 2023.
Isabel Salvador and Javier Escarda at Plastimagen 2023.

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Equipo de MachinePoint en Plastimagen 2023

MachinePoint and Used Machinery: Connecting Markets at PLASTIMAGEN fair 2023

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